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October 10, 2011

Fifa 11 or Fifa 12 Try to play gracefully

This morning as usual wanted to play a game on Fifa 11 online and there came a guy.

Initially there was some glitch during our first game as my game stuck on a replay (I am the host) so I aborted the game and restarted.

But my opponent was accusing me that I quite as I was loosing(he must've scored during that glitch), and

challenged me that he could easy beat me. I accepted his challenge and told him to score again. But I was so frustrated by his gameplay that I ended up posting this post.(I'm not flaming by the way ;)

All he did was lob through and try scoring, by the way he was playing with real Madrid and me with arsenal.

So guys, here are some suggestions if you want to play for fun and not just to win.

  • First of try to choose teams with similar ratings. 95% of the guys I played with choose either Barcelona or Real Madrid. OK, I understand the fact that you love your team but this is online game, a virtual one, where you are the only human element present. Even if you are a pretty good player but choose to play with some a 3* rated team against a 5* rated team, then you'll struggle. So talk with your opponent before the game and settle on more even teams and play.
  • Try to build some gameplay! There are many like the guy I played today who just simply through/lob through the ball and try scoring. They never think about the other aspects of the game like passing, dribbling, tackling or showing your skills in some skill moves.
  • Talking about tackling, please don't just simply pressure run or slide tackle  unnecessarily. You could do this and get away with against a low rated team or less skill player but you will look stupid against a player who is smart and builds gameplay.

  • Learn to tackle using jockey key and time your tackles, I know its easier said than done but practice with sprint+jockey and go for tackle.
  • Did I mention about passing? Its no sin doing it again I suppose. Even your opponent will praise you if you can score a goal with steady buildup with 10 to 20 passes. Its like earning the goal with patience and skill. Not just through ball or fineness shot by 5* rated team players.
  • Practice free kicks! Corners? I haven't got a clue yet on getting your player to make proper header. If you have any tips on corners then welcome  to share here on comments. Then, where were we! Yes, free kicks, I personally believe you should score at every given opportunity. This is a skill test where you can test your nerves.Timing guys timing!
  • Last but not the least, try to play for fun guys. Don't try to prove or get in personally. By the way, if you wanted to know the end result of that above mentioned match.. well, it ended in a draw 2:2. Actually I came back from 2:0 down during half time;)
For tips and everything, browse around! Cheers!