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April 20, 2011

FIFA 11 How to Configure keyboard Settings

Most PC FIFA 11 players find it difficult to configure the new Xbox control settings in FIFA 11 to keyboard keys, as they don't know what those keys are for.

Actually you can easily setup your keyboard keys with the FIFA 11 Xbox control settings as you were using it for earlier versions of FIFA games.If you want to configure your controller settings, then you can use x360ce emulator to play most games with vibrator if you have.

Just note down the keys and their functionality for both attacking and defending modes or just save the below image to your desktop.

Now you know what keys are for what. Next, you have to configure your keyboard to your likings. For that you cannot change the settings in FIFA 11 game itself, as you did in earlier versions. But go to the installation drive and find the folder "FIFA 11", then go to "Game", then find folder "FIFA setup". There you can find "fifaconfig.exe". Click it and configure the settings for FIFA 11 with your keyboard keys. Have fun!