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October 1, 2012

Fifa 13 - Impossible to crack its new security system?

Fifa 13 is THE game of the year in sports category and the demo and full version was recently released

The fifa fans were so frantic to get their hand on this game and start playing hours with their buddies by pre-ordering, buying the game when it hit the stores or may be download a cracked version of Fifa 13.

But, the piracy world is frustrated as they couldn't get the crack for this game yet. It seems like the popular cracking teams like Skidrow and Reloaded are struggling to crack open this game.

One guy commented in Skidrow's website as "EA new ADDM / CRFD security system is very complex … It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen .. so it will not be easy to leave a crack .. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. “Fifa with new protection, crack will not come soon, perhaps in 2-3 months - RELOADED"

Also EA has started releasing it's games through Origin and when it comes to patches, EA just sends it through Origin itself. So their business tactics seems like initially release a buggy game, then fix all of those with a patch later, like after 1 or 2 months. That's what EA did to Fifa 12 and they seem to be following the same with Fifa 13. For many of the original buyers the game didn't even start and is getting stuck in EA logo and crashes.

So the piracy world would be stuck with a buggy game without patch. But with it's new security systems, cracking itself is taking time. It's been a week since the full Fifa 13 game was released and still no signs of a crack. 

EA seems to have cracked the piracy world. Will the pirates fight back? Got to wait and watch!!


  1. I've read in one web site that Reloaded did crack this game and uploaded the crack but since Fifa 13 PC is have "compatibility issues" getting stuck in initial Fifa logo load, he removed the crack and hopefully waiting for a patched game from EA to crack it from scratch..Fingers crossed (:

  2. Here is an update given by skidrow team in their website
    "Crack ETA: 25th September

    EA has released only 99.99% files & we have them unlocked, remaining 0.01% file will be released by EA on 25th September in order to make it playable and then BOOM CRACKED !

    Update: There was Huge DDOS on yesterday site was down for 12hours. Someone is hating us.


    But still there is no update from EA about that 0.01% missing file and so no crack yet. Can't wait to see who's gonna blink first!!!

  3. finally it's done.
    Thanks to RELOADED Team, much respect to them.



    10/2012 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Secu/Crap/EA
    1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Sports

    Note: This release is meant for our sites, its ops and users, and those who
    request it. We've labeled it internal because the DRM is bypassed using a
    loader. The game works, but it's not how we would usually release a crack
    A more proper way of cracking it exists, but would take extra time. The
    rules we follow also do not allow for loaders of this kind to be released,
    and it seems unlikely that new rules will come.

  4. you can find an updated crack with fixed carreer patch 2 in 1 here
    i hope it help you Leo


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