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September 24, 2011

Movie Review - Final Destination5 2011

Once again the thrilling Final Destination movie series, now 5th part, making good money in the box office world wide.

With the 3D effect and  people's need for gore bloody effects, the latest version of Final Destination movie lives upto their expectations.

In this version, the male character's premonition in the initial disaster saves the lives of his friends and eventually the death chasing them, ALL.

The initial disaster  is good with some 3D effect scenes but for me its still the 2nd version of the Final Destination stands top. The sequence of events linking to the great disaster was synchronized awesomely and the length of time which grips you is still unbeatable in FD2.

Coming back to FD5, this time they tried to develop some depth in the relation between the hero and his girlfriend and they succeeded a little as we end up care for those characters. 

As usual some of the deaths were not realistic and beyond the physics but enjoyable in gores perspective. Like the death of gymnast and guy at massage parlor are unrealistic. But the death at massage parlor was censored where I watched the movie(Chennai, sathyam), probably for religious concerns.

Overall, its just another fun, pop-corn movie to be watched with friends. As you leave the theater, your imagination might start working with unusual possibilities of what can happen when you go out;) Enjoy the movie.. Worth watching in 3D, my vote is 7/10.