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October 15, 2011

Browser web2.0 chrome or firefox

Recently I was getting a lot of updates and changes (improvements) from the browsers that I use, which are Firefox and Chrome. 

Firefox was my only and primary browser till a month ago and would use chrome now and then to just see how it renders.
Most recently Firefox had made some quick updates to their versions, releasing 6.0, 7.0 and now version 7.0.1, the latest. And I haven't updated my chrome for a while so I thought may be its time to check out the Google guys as well and so downloaded the latest version 14 and it was way better than the version 11 that I was having in my PC.

I got to say both the browsers have come a long way and both have its advantages and I don't see any bad things in any of these browsers as they've polished every bit of the corners.

Lets come to the point, Chrome was bragging about being fast and all (it is fast mind you) but now Firefox is faster than before and comes close to Chrome and also Firefox now takes less memory space than before. And today I tried a simple test. I opened both the browsers and added 4 tabs (my site, yahoomail, facebook and IMDb) on both the browsers and checked the memory usage.

Both chrome and Firefox came close but the fact is chrome used only 212MB of space where as Firefox used 280MB. Also I tried to create the dump to see how it goes and Chrome's dump size was 155MB and Firefox's dump size was 446MB! That was quite a lot of difference there.

Still I think memory usage wise Chrome stands top. Also you should know that each tab you open in Chrome is handled separately so if any crash happens while you browse around, only that tab will be closed, leaving your other tabs unaffected. But I haven't got any crashes from both the browsers lately, so job well done by both browsers.

Firefox used to brag about its add-ons and all, but chrome is not far behind. It has most of the necessary add-ons now available for chrome but still I believe not as versatile as Firefox. Overall they both have come to a point where any improvement like trimming some milliseconds off on load time wont make much of a difference as you won't be able to tell the difference.

Its gonna be all about branding and your choice of getting used to a browser. All they can do now is being compatible to the new changes like OS changes or new application interfaces etc,. Whats your pick?

Cool Stuffs:

  • It has its own task manager(Tools->Task manager) where you can see how the memory is shared. The number of add-ons you have affects the memory usage and hence the load time. At the bottom you see the stats for nerds as well. It was pretty cool to check out the facts of each tab and if you have other browser opened, then you can see that as well.
  • If you are a developer, then you can check the codes as well under Developer tools.
  • Wondering where your bookmarks are? Go to OPTIONS-> Basic->Always show bookmark
  • You can create shortcuts to the webpage/application.
  • You have the option to do Private browsing if you don't want to leave any traces of your browsing sites and info. No history, no cookies.
  • As usual cool add-on for your needs.