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August 31, 2012

FIFA 13 - Release date and Prices

Fifa 13 messi poster

The much anticipated Fifa 13 will hit the stores Sep25 of 2012 and as you may know the pre-orders for Fifa 13 are already open. 

And PES will be released 3 months after Fifa 13 on Dec31, which always bugs me why? If PES need to cover some ground, it has to fast and well before Fifa release date. Can't understand the logic behind.

Fifa 13 Demo will be out on Sep11 and for UK and others countries, game will be released on Sep28.

Anyway, the prices are as follow. Most on-lines services will be tagging it almost the similar prices. This was taken from Amazon(Pre-order bonus of Adidas All star team).

  • PS3 - $59.99
  • Xbox 360 -  $59.99
  • Nintendo Wii - $49.99
  • Nintendo 3DS - $29.99
  • PS Vita - $39.96
  • PC Windows - $39.99

To my surprise I read in other sites that PES could be release a couple of weeks before Fifa 13 release date.  Seems like this is the first time PES goes on sale before Fifa. But 2 weeks is not much of a head start as the fans could easily wait for Fifa 13. Anyway as long as there is solid competition among these two( PES and Fifa) we the fans could be benefited.

PES 13 demo is already out, more like a month ago.