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April 1, 2013

Google Rolls Out April FOols Day Updates

Google+ Update:

Google plus - Emoticon update
Okay, lets start with Google+. Today Google gives you an option to add emoticon to your pictures in Google plus.

With the huge amount of data it got from the pictures shared around the world, Google has come up with tracking your emotion this time and it's real fun if the emoticons were perfect and but also funnier if they fail real bad.

Now this is such a great addition to Google+ which is new and creative. Other social networking giants like Facebook and twitter needs to rethink their strategy.

So how to enable emoticon in your pictures in Google plus? Just click the emoticon button in the edit tool bar , like below.

Google plus - Add emotions

And we were talking about "funnier" part with this new emoticon..Here it goes..

Google plus - Emoticon Fail

Gmail Blue:

Now this is one April fool update from Google for you..Even the intro video seems spoof but when you checkout your gmail account, there does indeed seem to be some changes. Take a look at this..

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