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August 29, 2011

Fifa 11 How to be a better goalkeeper

Guys, this post is not about Be a goalkeeper career option that you have in console games, but just how to be a good goalkeeper in PC version of FIFA 11.

In the PC version of FIFA 11, goal keeping is all about positioning and cutting the angles.But you won't be having much option in controlling the direction of your goalkeeper in PC. So how do you control him in the game?

Hope you know that one, but in case if you don't then try using  key for rushing your goalkeeper. Configure your keyboard settings before try mastering FIFA11.

The trick to be a good goalkeeper is to test the skills of the opponent. When the goal is opening  up for your opponent then what you can do is try rushing to your opponent just half way and hold your ground. If the attacker thinks that you are going to rush all the way and he may panic and shoot early without balance and miss the goal.

It all about sizing up your opponent before you can do this. Because, if you playing against a PRO, then the chances are he may use fineness shot with perfect angle to dissect you from the ball and hit the goal or lob the ball over the keeper's head.

So have to know you opponent first. The advantage of rushing only halfway through is you have the time for your defender to come behind and tackle the attacker if he slows down seeing the keeper rushing in. Its all about mind games played in the right way.

The other thing what you can do is just simply rush the goalkeeper all the way to the attacker when the goal opens up. Be active while doing this. You have to anticipate even before the goal opens up and start rushing, because your keepers are not the best of the runners around. The chances are you can get the ball right from his feet, cut the angle completely or slide tackle him. You may even get an Yellow card but its better than a goal conceded.

This is all you can do while goal keeping in FIFA 11 for PC, you cannot move side ways,but only just rush at the direction of the ball. If nothing works for you, then just hold your ground as keeper and improve your defending. Thanks for reading guys.