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December 28, 2012

Blog SEO - Keeping Neat and Tidy

Blog SEO - Keeping Neat and Tidy

In this blog post we are going to see some basic and simple points to be taken care for Search Engine Optimization but yet always over looked more often. 

So lets all play fair SEO here and think in Google's perspective about what defines a Google friendly site/page.

If you are not using Google's webmaster tools, start now. If you are, then it's great! Basically information through Internet is all about who gets the info out first/quickly. So if you publish a blog post and do nothing, hoping that Google bots will crawl your post and get placed in 1st page of SERP, it's not how things work for small bloggers.

Let the bots know that you have something new, a new unique awesome page to be crawled. But how can you do it? When you have published a post, go to Google webmaster tools and fetch your page as bot.Then resubmit your site map so that Google bot will know you have a new page to be crawled and indexed.

Alright, we've shifted way away from the topic. We are talking about neat and tidy! So is it really a SEO tip? Well presentation always works, everywhere. Here we are talking about being professional. See how Google support pages are simple yet gets to the point with info and examples.

Things to look for: Neat and Tidy

Keep your website plain and simple without flashy things. Drop down css menu bar may look awesome but bots may not like it. Preferred to use a white/light gray background. Make sure your theme is not over flashy and taking too long to load pages. Use elegant themes.

As said before, time taken to load a page could well be one of the factors to rank your page. Have too many widgets in your blog? Think about getting rid of some.

Always use low resolution images in the post and if you want to show HD image, just post a link to it. And always do label your blog posts and make it accessible in the horizontal menu bar or use label widget. But try to keep your label count between 6 to 7, because that'll keep you from posting relevant niche posts to your blog.

Make the navigation better by using bread crumbs in your blog. Align the rows equally and use spell check before publishing. And read your post from top to bottom for any mistakes.

More blogging tips to follow, so stick around :)