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February 22, 2011

FIFA 11 How to Solve connection timed out error in gameranger!

So, if you are one of those guys getting connection timed out  error in gameranger and can't connect to the lobby room created by your host in gameranger, then follow these simple steps.

Well, before going into the details of the technical stuffs on solving timeouts in gameranger you need to understand the fact that you should know how to change your modem settings,because that's what you need to do for connection timeouts in gameranger. In case you cannot connect to internet you should know how to revert back to your original settings. So what we suggest is take a backup of your current modem settings and save it in your PC, so that you can always revert back in case things didn't workout. So here it goes...

Backup Procedure:

1.Go to the address bar and type the IP address of your ISP to login to your modem. For BSNL users, type and type your username and password,  mostly it'll be 'admin' for both, without quotes, unless you'd changed it.

2.Then go to "Management" option, then "Settings", and choose "Backup" and save your current Modem configuration in your PC.

Now after playing with your modem settings, if you cannot access internet, you should be able to use the config file that you backed-up by loading it through "Update" option and start using internet as before.

Here is the main part,
Solving Connection Timeouts in Gameranger:

Basic info:
There are two modes in your modem, 1. Bridge mode and 2. PPPoE mode.
Note: PPPoE--Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet.

In bridge mode, you will be connecting manually to internet by forming a network setting with your username and password of your connection through your PC. In PPPoE mode, the username and password for your internet connection is stored in the modem itself, once if you switch on the modem, it'll automatically connect to the internet and you don't have to do anything.

So this problem of timeouts in gameranger will be for the guys in bridge mode, mostly. But if you are in PPPoE mode and still having the problem, then follow the procedure and see what you have missed out.

1. First, you have to assign a static IP for your PC. Open the control panel, open Network and Internet , then Network and sharing, click the "Local Area Connection" (unless you've renamed it to something else). You will get a screen like this, on the left.  

Now, choose "Properties", then (in the "general" tab) select "Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)V4" and click the "Properties" button. Check the "Use the Following IP address" checkbox and enter your desired IP address. You can have something like 192.168.1.X (X=3 to 254, but you can stick within 20). 
The settings for the subnet mask will come automatically to for BSNL users) and put the default gateway to

Choose the preferred and alternate dns of your network provider. You can get it through google. If you can't then you can always use google dns and

2. Login to your modem as mentioned in the backup procedure. Click "Advanced setup" tab, then "WAN". There you'll see in the "Protocol" column, both PPPoE and Bridge, edit the column having PPPoE (click next and make sure PPPoE is selected) click next and give your username and password of the internet connection and the service name(your Internet Service Provider). Then don't change anything and save and reboot.

3. If you can connect to internet then you are in track. One more thing to do, don't worry this is the last thing you gotta do.
Click "NAT" option and add a server(which is to open the port for the gameranger), give a custom server name like 'gameranger' and give 16000 as external port for both start and end and use the "udp" protocol and save the setting. One more thing, just Kidding. You can now play your Fifa games in gameranger as you like without any problem from now on. Enjoy!