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April 3, 2011

FIFA 11 Tricks Tips Basics

Here are some of the basic and advanced tips and tricks of playing FIFA 11. The trick here is, experimenting with your keys at different situations.

You may find some new functionality for a key during attacking or defending. So, it all started like this..

Playing or watching football has always been exciting and thrilling for the majority of the population on this planet. But I was like "why there is so much fuss about this game and why these people are so crazy about this game?"And then, one day, my friend introduced me to FIFA 10, a year and an half before. After that, the world of football make sense to me.

And now I'm no different from those crazy football lovers. I still cherish the times when I played Fifa10 with my friend on LAN, who introduced me to Fifa games. So I thought it's time to give back what I've learned so-for, for those who are at their beginning stages of learning and enjoying the thrills that Fifa 11 has to offer. So here it goes.. tricks and tips of playing FIFA 11.

Note: The keys are mentioned as per the classic key functions shown in the pics below.

If you want to be competitive in playing Fifa 11, then you should be at your best in all the basics, that is 1.Defending, 2.Attacking and 3.Finishing.

Let's start with Defending.

DEFENDING as they is an art. You win matches only if you are a good defending side. You can strike 2 quick goals early in the match but if you can't defend then a good player on the other side can come back and beat you pretty badly. So give more importance to this department.

To defend, you have the option of running into the opposition and tackle or stay your ground and see what your opponent has got and make him think. The former style can be effective against an inexperienced player but it could be pretty costly if your opponent is a pro. I'll tell you both the styles.

To run into your opponent and tackle, press / + and click at the right moment to tackle. Pressing will make your player chase and run into him. You can also call other players by pressing , this will make the nearest player to your attacking opponent to run into your opponent. But as I said earlier, while doing so you are leaving a huge gap for your opponent to pass through. So my advice is, first evaluate your opponent in the first 1 or 2 min to see how good he is. If he seems smart and pro, I advice on the following method, but can always combine the two styles with right timing.
The second style of defending is stand your ground and make your opponent make the move. If he is smart he'll challenge you, but if he is not he'll panic and start doing mistakes. But don't be sitting ducks while he is passing you. Use jostle by pressing + /+ and click at the right time. Timing is more important in this game if your want to excel.

As they say in the game, sliding tackle can be spectacular but if you mistime it, you'll be in trouble. Practice slide tackle in the practice games and learn when to slide.
Read my article  How to Defend Strongly in FIFA-11 on ezine articles for more info.

The two styles discussed before applies to goalkeeping as well. You have the option of holding your ground and see what your opponent's got or you can run into your attacker and tackle. And again, timing is crucial coz your opponent is inside the box and you may be giving away easy penalties if you don't know what you are doing. So to run into your opponent press , mind-you, you cannot control the running direction of your goalkeeper. He'll run where the ball is at the moment you press .

You can also fake your goalkeeper running at your attacker by pressing and then letting go. If you opponent panics, he'll shoot early and may miss the target or do something silly. It's all about mind games guys!

The trick here is not about running full throttle and smack the goal. Remember, football is a passing game and passing well is an attacking play. If you choose the right guy to pass the ball and pass accurately, then goal is not too far away.
1.To pass, you press . But there are many ways to pass. You can try with + for more accurate passing or try with + for a skillful pass. The speed and the length of the pass is determined by how long you hold the keys. Also try the lobbed passes(press ) if you can't get to your players through the ground.

2. Making a run after passing to your teammate is the most critical aspect of playing fifa game. But don't overdo it. It will make more players attacking in the enemy's territory and no one to defend yours. To do this hold F with and as soon as the pass has been made, the player will run ahead of the ball and you have the option of either pass the ball back to him or make a through ball.

3. Making a perfect through ball is the ultimate thing you can do in fifa game. Because if it's perfect, it'll be deadly and a definite scoring change, unless if you panic and shoot all over the place. To make through ball, press and don't hold it long thinking it'll increase the power(It'll increase the power alright but the accuracy won't be there). Just gently tap the key and you'll see. Also give proper directions while doing through ball. Otherwise, it'll look stupid.
If you think there are too many players around you and cannot make a successful through ball, there are always plenty of space in the air. You can lob through. To do it, press +. Here, how much power you give is more important coz if you press too long you will lob the ball directly to the keeper or a too weak lob through will land in your opponents feet. So determine the distance of your player and press.

4.While attacking, it won't be like knife through the cafe, there will be defenders coming at you. So you should be agile and maneuver the defenders. You can simply move aside to the defender or pass it to your teammates. Or else, you can try the all new fifa11 skill moves. Hold and try with different combinations of pressing ,,, keys. Try it in practice games and master it if you want to. But a simple pass or changing your direction will do the job.

When you've done everything right from defending and tackling your opponent and got the ball and attacked well, passed well and find yourself in enemy's territory and just one more guy to beat, you have to keep your cool to shoot the ball. If you can't find the nets, then it's all wasted and have to start all over again. So improve you finishing and so as the 'goal vs shots on target' conversion rate.

As far as I'm concerned, Fineness shot is the best way to score goals in FIFA 11, coz it give you better control over the ball and a better chance of scoring goal. To do fineness shot, press + and give the proper directions where you wanna put the ball.

Again it won't be that easy, coz the goal keeper may be charging at you and if you panic as I said before and shoot too early, long off the post, then the chances of scoring are less. In that case when the keeper is charging at you, and if you were running full throttle towards goal, slow down and see if any of your teammates nearby or call them by pressing . If you do find them, then just pass or through ball to them and it's all over for your opponent. Just keep your cool and gently tap or + and you can see the glory of  ball smacking the net.

In case no one is around, you can do 2 things.
1. Lob the ball over the keeper's head to the net by pressing + (gently tap the keys), the power is critical, coz it can fly pass the post or the keeper/defender may get to the ball if the power is too weak.
2.Try moving in other directions fast at the last moment before the keeper gets you. To move fast, try any of the keys mentioned for skill moves without holding . Or you can simply use fineness shot or hit hard, in hope of finding the nets.

Apart the things discussed earlier, there are some other important skills you need to sharpen to become a PRO in playing FIFA 11. Like, freekicks, Crossing, Cornerkicks etc,.  The important of practicing and mastering freekicks in FIFA 11 can't be emphasized more than anything, coz it won't be that easy like in FIFA 10. It varies for each player. So pick your best player and see how much power is right for that distance. Mostly 2 and a quarter of power bar is good for a range of 25 to 32 meters.

For close range like 18 to 20 meters, 2 or just below 2 power bars is good enough. While pressing , hold the forward direction key as well. As I said, each player have his own strengths, try with different power bars for your best skilled freekick player. When you are sure that your opponent's wall will be jumping while you kick, try pressing + and give about 1 and 3 quarters of power bar to hit the ball along the ground between their legs.

For crossing and corners, try with + keys with directions and proper power. Well, that's all I have to share with you guys. Enjoy playing FIFA 11 and thanks for reading till the end. Post your doubts if you any. Cheers guys!