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December 11, 2012

Do list before THE WORLD ends - 12/21/2012

Do list before THE WORLD ends - 12/21/2012
Photographer: schubert
So as you all know we are nearing the ultimate day or the judgement day and we have only 10 more days to go before the world ends as per "Mayan calendar" phobia. 

I know this sounds silly and we are going to sleep well(may be nightmares of meteorites colliding earth, its up to your  imagination) and wake up the next day, or maybe :)!

Even NASA launched a page to calm people down with stats and info to show why the world will not come to an end on Dec21 2012.

But what's the fun in thinking logic here. Lets just assume the world will indeed come to an end and you have like 10 days to go, so what you gonna do about it? Think about stuffs that you wanted to do, skills you wanted to learn, life experience, talk to your friend/parents/girlfriend since your last fight, having a family vocation, helping poor with your money or love, go see places you wanted to see, share your love with your loved ones, planting some trees, or make earth happy in its last days like polluting less etc.

Just something new, something you like..share your likes, thoughts, what you did new today!! Share with the world, till you know.

Here is another close view of Mayan Calendar. See if you can decipher anything!

Mayan Calendar - closeup shot
Photographer: kconnors