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December 12, 2011

Buy New Hard Disk Drive HDD or Wait A Little Longer


So now you know that the hard disk drives(HDD) are getting hotter in pricing in the market due to the damage caused by the floods in Thailand.

And you put a hold to your buying a new hard disk drive? But how long should you wait is the question I've been receiving since I written this post Reason for Hard disk Price Rise.

Obviously now you have to wait a bit if you have plans on buying large number of new hard disk drives.
But if you are desperate and out of storage space then go ahead and buy an external hard disk drive. I've noticed some price reduction in the external hard disk recently in a premier shop here in chennai.(about $10).

But still the internal hard disk drives are limited or no stock in many shops. So my bet is to wait for 3 to 4 month(Apr 2012) before you can stock pile the new hard disks. Seagate won't be a problem as of now because their damage is far less compare to the Western Digital. So when WD starts its production the markets will eventually cool down.

So my option is to go for the external hard disks now for your essential needs before it too gets out of stock.