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February 24, 2013

Victory At last - SEO Contest

Victory At last - SEO Contest

Lets Jump High and Hit the roof!
It's been a busy month and the competition was tough. Wondering what's going on? From the beginning of Feb 2013 I was working to rank high for the keyword seocontestatiiithyderabad, a SEO contest held at IIIT Hyderabad college. 

During blogging into the contest I was thinking about deleting this blog once it's all over..but now just want to keep it as a souvenir and a documentary for SEO from which I'd learned a lot. 

Able to rank 1st in two(bing and duckduckgo) of the 3 search engines but Google had other ideas I believe.. Got to figure out why. Anyway, I came 2nd in this nation wide SEO competition which is great! 

Pranesh 2nd Place - SEO Contest

Thanks for all Forum of Thoughts readers who'd visited and read these blogs! You guys are awesome :)

Just wanted to share my findings about SEO here.

  • Link building still works but it's not the only criteria..the blog came 3rd had about 1300 backlinks and 1st blog had about 400 and mine 2nd blog had about 700.
  • Wordpress with perfect theme is a great SEO.
  • Author rank does seem to be having an impact. The blog came 1st had about 1000+ guys in his profile and he seems to be some what influential author.
  • Keyword stuffing might be having some negative impact(Panda, Penguin). Even 3% to 4% of keyword usage is bad it seems.
  • url relevancy is most important it seems. Next is title and then description.
  • Overall, author rank stands out to me. Google+ is the future..