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October 7, 2011

Cultures blind beliefs

I always wanted to share the beliefs of people, rituals, customs and cultures of various region but it can succeed with your help readers!
In India we are brought up with various blind beliefs from our childhood but as the world becomes more modern and youngsters started to analyze these things without just simply believing it. As a result those old beliefs  started to disappear and is not getting passed on to the next generations.

I'm not saying it should be fed up to the kids without any logical explanation but at-least we could share it with the idea of  how the life style was before and their beliefs. So i'll be updating this post as and when I happen to come across one.You can also share your beliefs with some details like country, religion etc.

Note: The information share here are just old blind beliefs. We don't mean to harm anyone/religion/country's sentiments. Just documenting the information for future generations.

Request: Readers!!Please respect the beliefs of people. Don't insult or make fun of it. But you are welcome to share your thoughts though! After all, this is Forum Of Thoughts.

Here we start!


  • "Don't cut down the nails on Friday"- as it is believed that it can cause disturbance to the peace of the family. Also you should take more care of not spilling human nails inside the house.
  • "Don't take headbaths on Tuesday"- as it is believed its not good for your uncle ;) and only women should take headbaths on Friday and not men!
  • Neem trees and tamarind trees are used to scare kids of having ghosts in them to make them not to wander too much. But the irony is, Neem leaves are used to scare ghosts as well.
  • When you bump your head with someone, you got to bump again to avoid growing horns in your head.(kids beliefs).
  • When two person while talking speak at the same time the same words, then its believed that relatives will be coming home soon.
  • While talking to someone and you are trying to say something and if any lizard makes sound, it is believed that it also acknowledges what was being said by that person.
  • In some  villages its believed that if the seasonal rain fails then if a marriage ceremony between a man and donkey is performed, rain may come.
  • If a cat crosses your path while you are going some where, then its believed to be a back sign or bad luck.
  • Black cats are believed to be evil.
  • Snakes are worshiped all over India, but when a snake comes near their household they kill it(mostly), but they will do some prayers to Snake god for its forgiveness.
  • If you try to kill a snake and it escapes, then its believed that it will come back to take revenge.
  • There was a time when some believed the photo of a donkey will bring good luck to their business.
Yesterday, my mom was scolding me not make food wait for me. The food was ready in the table and I was just browsing and doing stuffs.. then I thought one more blind

  • Don't make food wait for you, otherwise getting food in the future may become hard for you.(I think, its is more of giving respect to food!)

To be continued..