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September 22, 2011

FIFA 12 Demo Review Comments

It's been like a week after the demo was released for FIFA 12 and the general feedback is as expected, "Awesome". But still there are some talking points on the new IMPACT ENGINE glitches and hard , almost impossible TACTICAL Defending. 

Lets talk about  the improvements first:
The most anticipated gameplay is more polished and better graphics than we had in FIFA 11 and thumps for the EA teams to bring such improvements.

The dribbling is more fluent , added new skill moves and improved ball physics makes the game much more enjoyable. When you pull some skill moves at the right moment, it will create magic moments and again leaving the defender embarrassed.

When the impact engine pull off right, it looks great during the play and giving much more realism to the game, but when it doesn't it looks funny.

AI is much more improved now and the team mates are making some good positioning and making play little easy for you. But still while attacking the AI needs some tweaking. 

Regarding Issues:
Even though its only a demo, there are some issues to be fixed before the release of the game on 30th sep. Like the much talked and anticipated Impact Engine and the Tactical Defending. 

Impact engine is a great technology and its still in its early stage, so there bound to be some glitches. You can find those in Youtube as more and more videos are being uploaded, most of them are just too funny to watch. As most demos are usually much different than the full game, so hopefully EA fixes the issues this time around.

Most gamers find it annoying with the new Tactical defending thing. But this was introduced for more serious gamers than casual or gamers looking only for fun. Now the defending is much more difficult and make you to be on your toes(or finger tips) and now each successful tackle will be much more satisfying. If you don't like it,then you can always choose the Legacy defense as we had in FIFA 11.

At times the referee decision on penalties and red cards are crazy. With the new impact engine, the collision itself sends you OFF at times (remember its only demo) .

Considering the improvements, new features and the gameplay,  FIFA 12 is going to be a great success this year as well.


Today I read a guy's review of FIFA 12(Full version, with season ticket, you could download before Sep30) at EA forums . And it seems like the most of the issues discussed above was address by EA.

The Impact Engine is toned down in the full version I think after all those crazy collisions you could find in youtube, which is great.

And Tactical Defending is also less difficult now compared to the demo, as per his comments. Seems like with some practice in arena you could learn to tackle and win ball back from AI.

One good thing about the PC version I forgot to mention is that this version will contain all the features of a Console game. Can't wait to start my career in FIFA 12.

Update 2:

Day 2, after the release of the full version in US on 27th sep, EA is busy with patches or may be some updates to the game.

Seems like Origin is prompting to update FIFA with 48MB or 2.4GB or 3.1GB files. Not sure how come a patch be 2.4 or 3.1GB size. Seems like some commentary languages like French, Italian are included in this.

But mostly for the users, the update was not successful as it didn't start the game after the update. So EA now has to fix the patches first before fixing other issues! Not a way forward EA when you consider the consumer support for FIFA!

Source: EA forums