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October 29, 2011

What is Stock Photography and Royalty Free Photos

If you are planning to get into photography industry or new to photography and want to make some money from your photos, then you should know the terms Stock photography and Royalty Free photos.

Stock photography is not a new or unique way of photography but its just a place where you can buy or sell  photos.

The well known market leaders in this business are Getty and Corbis in terms of their revenue but there are other popular sites like istockphoto, bigstockphoto etc. which offer much competitive pricing.

Royalty free photos are not that they are not licensed but instead you can use those photos many times and have to pay each time for usage.

Hence you don't own the right for that photo even though you pay for that photo usage. So if you own a professional camera and have a flair for taking good photos then you can sell your photos either one time or as royalty free photos.