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December 7, 2011

Can Google Bots Crawl And Index Facebook Comments

The biggest contender for the Google giant is Facebook as of now. And we all know Google is trying its best to give hard time for Facebook by introducing its own Google+.

Also Facebook is getting into  the web pages of most websites in the form of  Like gadgets and Facebook comments, since being social is what its all about now.

The Facebook comments gadget is a great thing to have in your website because its easy to just log in to your Facebook account and post a comment on a web page. No need to register, no hassle. Also you web site is getting comments friendly, encouraging viewers to interact with each other and most important of all, it publicize your web page in Facebook users wall when some one likes or posts a comment in your web site.

Since Facebook is where what your friend likes, shares, profiles, pictures....Facebook Comments gadget is inevitable. It drives traffic through social network alright, what about the search result impact? Hmm!

Facebook Comments are rendered through JavaScript and AJAX which were not crawl friendly to Google bots. Ofcourse, you can't expect Facebook and Google to be friendly with each other and this could've made a lot of web masters to think twice before using Facebook comments in their web sites or blogs.

Google Can Crawl Facebook Comments

But you know what, Google bots are now smart enough to crawl and index all those juicy comments and show them in the search engine results page. But why on earth would Google offer a friendly hand to spread Facebook? Anyway, don't be surprised to see Google as a friend in Facebook's Facebook profile..;)