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July 22, 2012

Fifa13 - Worth it? Or Just another buggy Fifa12.1

You all might have known about the news that ea games have started the pre-order of Fifa13. I don't know about your feelings about it but I certainly have no anticipation or eager on Fifa13, after what they had to offer on Fifa12.

I'm not a big fan of PES so no matter what I will stick with Fifa anyway. So what can we expect from Fifa13 this year? New features? As they " game changing, revolutionary!". Nope!

All we want is a decent bug free(less), fun to play game, just like Fifa11. Hope ea games doesn't rush another feature filled with bugs that ruin the game itself just like impact engine in their last version. But it was fun in a way!

So once again ea games says it has 5 features which are game-changing innovations and will revolutionize the game play. Here they are..

1. First touch control - It seems ea have refined the first touch and the unpredictability of ball control when it was lobbed or crossed, which will give defenders a chance to snatch the ball back.(Hmm, nice thing to have I say but hope the "unpredictable" part is not over done or buggy!)

2. Artificial Intelligence - So the players are more smart that they get to good positions, good attacking positions, leaving the defenders run for their money.(never mind the last part) Is it game changing? Probably have to see how many "Off-sides" my players make..

3. Custom Free kicks - This will be fun to try if you can pull some nice tricky free kicks with your friend or online. Looking forward to practice this one. But you'll look dumb if your failed tricky free kick is

4. Complete dribbling - Complete dribbling or precision dribbling, it seems you can do more tricks in 1 to 1 situation and can outsmart your opponent if you practice some nice one. (I'm not a big fan of tricks and stuffs cos a simple passing will do the trick for me.)

5. IMPACT ENGINE - Hope the engine is fine tuned and up and running well. EA had enough testing in the live market with Fifa 12 and should have fixed all the bugs by now. So this should be just fine, I guess.

From the trailer of Fifa13 I have not much anticipation for it but hoping it'll be much more refined, less buggy and fun to play Fifa game.