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April 9, 2017

News Anchor Reads Her Husband's Death

A Strong will News Anchor breaks the story of her husband's death live in a national television IBC24.

It seems like the journalist from the scene of accident not aware of the situation.

But Supreet Kaur, the new anchor, was distressed since she knew the route and the vehicle, Renault Duster, and might have thought it could be her husband.

Also some the colleagues knew the situation but since it was a live feed and they couldn't interfere.

She maintained her composure during those tough time and broke into tears after the break. Such a horrible situation that was with such a huge personal loss to her and her 1yr old daughter. But the question really is why does she had to maintain her emotions in such a crisis and go about her work as if nothing happened?

Are we talking about work ethics? Does the work environment in India has made us to set a side personal life and family for the efficiency of work output? Working on weekends to keep on track of the deliverable. Working very late in the night at office and not care about  the loved one's at home. These things have become a new normal isn't it?

What she did was really brave but was that really needed? Why can't the News channel have a provision to allow the anchors to initiate AD breaks in case of any discomfort or anything?

Even I'm a part of a Facebook group called "I am an IT professional and I don't have a Life". The group share many post as jokes related to this, how do we differ from a regular work force and don't spend quality time with family and friends. And we read it and have a laugh at ourselves and go on and actually live the same.

Even recently a BBC news presenter was working from Home and it happen to be a live show. His kids started entering the room from behind and was visible to the whole work making noises and playing around. He become internet sensation over night. I don't know what would have happened if it was an Indian guy. He might have been given some heavy stick and his appraisal would've been affected.

Even more deadly incident happened in Infosys office for a girl from Kerala who happen to make to work on a weekend. Things like this make us to wonder if the life of the work force in India not given enough value.

Share your thoughts.

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