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January 25, 2013

How to Comment to get Traffic to your site - SEO

#How to Comment to drive traffic
Every webmaster or blogger will like to have more eye balls going through their site/blog. Some like it for passion, some for financial benefits and some for both. But what ever the intention be, here I'm gonna tell you simple yet not always practiced method of using commenting to get more traffic to your site/blog.

Remember this is not about just spamming other's website like simply saying "Nice post" or "thanks"  and placing a link to your site. But instead a genuine comment relevant to the post which most probably receive a reply or even best reply chains.

Two things we need from making a comment.
1. A link (obviously)
2. Traffic to our site/blog.

To get a link, I most prefer sites which has option of including your website link and link to your name when you make a comment. Why this preference? Because its not spammy and all I want is a link to my home page not to any individual posts and that's the only link from that comment not more.

Firstly you need to comment related to the post and it should be adding value to the post itself as I said before. It helps from moderation, engage other viewers from replying and most of all Google might well be monitoring the patterns of each comments and links. They already doing it in Google+ which relates to power users which can be seen in ripples which ultimately impacts your Search engine ranking.

Getting traffic from comments is tricky. For example if the comments in a post is already heavy, you have to see how the comments are ordered, whether its ascending or descending. If its ascending, then try replying to the first or second comment, which will place your comment high with your home page link and at the beginning of comment section.

That is where most viewers read and interact and possibly checkout your site if your comments are interesting. But if the commenting system doesn't support comment hierarchy then you make have to end up commenting at the bottom of all the comments, just like blogger. Unless of course if you can comment early than most others.

This method works brilliantly in forum where you are allowed to have one link in your signature. Here is an example me making a comment in imdb forum and check out the time-stamp and position of my comment.

So how to find sites with commenting system enabled with website link option? Well, most wordpress sites/blogs are enabled with website link option in their commenting system. Regarding forums, you should try finding forums of your niche which allows a link in your signature. But again, don't spam.


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