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April 7, 2012

Game Release Date Info

The much awaited game of the greatest sports ever, FIFA12 is all set to storm the markets by 30th sep. 

The new features like "Impact Engine", "Precision Dribbling", "Tactical Defending" will make the game even more true and intense. 

FIFA11 is already a next gen product compared to it previous version and with even more realistic actions like Impact Engine, there will be no shortage of  thrill and excitement for the players. 

                                             FIFA 12 Skill Moves!

 These features are not only for consoles but may also be available for PC games as well. 

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 news leaked to site Kotaku that the game may be released this Nov 8th and the announcement will be made at the E3 video game conference, June 2011.

This video shows the info regarding the single player, multiplayer, maps and levels in MW3.

 But Activision is yet to make a statement on this. Until then, all these info cannot be confirmed.