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May 7, 2011

Cool effects with slow shutter speed-photography tips

If you want to shoot some cool photos and impress your friends or want to sell photos or new to photography and looking to make a mark for yourself, then you should start experimenting with the options of you DSLR or pick and shoot camera. 

That's what a real Pro would do. You can always find something new.
Slow shutter speed technique is not new but you can experiment with the different environments and objects. Like the picture on the left, you can use slow shutter speed to trace the locus of the moving objects while you(camera) being stable in a tripod.

Picture taken by: roastedamoeba
But you can also make use of this slow shutter speed technique to non moving objects and still take some cool photos by moving your camera with steady speed. This is just opposite of what you normally do.

With your imagination, you can make the most out of your camera. I took the below picture with my Canon powershot A550 and you can see how just simple things like PC start button can be shown with a little experimentation.

Picture taken by: Pranesh(Me)

Its basically just a normal thing as you do with slow shutter mode, but I took the camera in my hands and made some random movements and the shoots are pretty cool.

The below picture by Gamerzero is another example of this. As you can see the candles were zoomed out while the shutter of the camera is open and the image trace is beautifully done.

I don't know whether he took that picture  in hand or some other method, because the zooming out effect seems flawless.

So set your camera in slow shutter speed mode and see what you can do with it.Here are some of the photos taken in this mode.Send in your photos if you like it to be displayed here.

Picture taken by: Pranesh(Myself)
Picture taken by: Gamerzero