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May 4, 2011

Slow Shutter speed effect - photography tips

Picture taken by: David(dmscs)

While taking photos, shutter speed that you use can make or break your photo quality.

You have to set proper shutter speed for your environment to get the effects that you want to see in your photos.

Basically everyone wants to take shake free photos and that is pretty much right for most of the occasions. But if you want to make some cool effects and really want to show your creativity, you got to think out of the box and do something out of ordinary.

Take a look the picture on the left, you can see how live that picture is. You can sense the flow of water and if you have better imagination, you can hear the sound of the water fall itself.
So, how do they do it? The secret is using a good camera (SLR, DSLR or digital camera) from any top brands like Canon or Nikon or Olympus or what ever you have. But it should have the feature of controlling the shutter speed. Use tripod for taking these kind of pictures or else use a steady platform what you can find on that spot.

This is how its done. When you use faster shutter speed, you can capture most of the images without shakes. In other words, you can take still images of moving object as well, with out shake.

Picture taken by: lisasolonynko
See the picture on the left for example for faster shutter speed. You know how many times these birds flip their wings and still you can take stunning pictures like this with faster shutter speed.

But for now, we are talking about slow shutter speeds to take images like that water fall picture.

So when you set you camera to slow shutter speeds, you are allowing the changes in the images(that is, movements of the environment) and

thus the light to fall on the sensor for continuously like 1sec for example, or more. When you do that, you trace the images and thus form beautiful locus of the moving object. The object may be a train, or a bus or cars or like in this case, water fall.  The only limitation is, you imagination. So take out those cameras and head out.

Send your pictures if you want it to be showed here.

Here are some examples of some cool slow shutter speed pictures.

Picture taken by: roastedamoeba
Picture taken by: floridawing