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October 16, 2011

My days of Cloud watching

OK so hrmm, just finished watching Garden state movie and feeling fresh to document this experience that I had about a month ago. 

Its still fresh enough to make me to make a post on it. So here it goes..

I think we are all just too busy to watch, I mean to really see and enjoy the mighty nature in our daily lives. 

You don't need to go to some vacation or trip to enjoy the nature, I mean you should go and enjoy, but it shouldn't be the only way of getting along with the nature.

We got every single day to see and admire the nature if you know what I'm talking about.

I was having this journey to my office, I don't have my ride so I commute with public transport. I usually, I think everybody, try to get a window seat and try watch the world through that small window, which makes me forget all the hustles, the crowd, weird people etc,. that are happening inside the bus.

All of a sudden, I was captured by the mighty beauty of the gigantic clouds just spread across the horizon. I was crossing a bridge, the wind blowing and the clouds, doesn't seem like moving and all I did was just stare at it as if I was doing site seeing in a new city.

Just a wonderful feeling to admire the natures beauty, by doing so without even knowing I was feeling proud and confident that morning for a change.

After watching this movie,"Garden State", I just wanted to share my feelings and just get it out as if I wanted to scream out of my lungs like those characters do in the movie. Haaah, tomorrow morning will be a great one I believe. Open up fellas!