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October 15, 2011

How to Create a Static HomePage Blog like a website

If you'd started blogging and new to blogger, then you would learn that its different from a website.

When you start posting in your blog all the posts comes under your homepage with the most recent post at the top.

Well that is not how a website looks and that is how a typical blog looks like. If you are blogger who want to keep your blogs similar to a website, then you got to have a static homepage. But don't create a static page for that, but do a trick that will look like a static homepage.

First create a post for your homepage, you can give the title as "Home" so that you could know that its for the homepage. Mind you, a static home page is like a welcome page of your blog, so create a proper post for your static   homepage. If you are good at designing and stuff then its good for you. You can get creative and create a better static home page.

Now, to the right site of the post editor screen you can see "Post settings" where there is an option for "Schedule". Click it to "Set date and time" and choose a date in the future like 5years in the future and publish the post.

If you check you blog, you will still see other posts sitting frustratingly in the homepage. Now go to the "Layout" settings and click the "blog post" edit option and set the number of post on the main page to "1". There you go!

Now you have your own static home page for your blog where you can do the updates in that posts like giving links to other posts, updating latest events, anything you want.

Happy Blogging and blog your way! Share it with your fellow bloggers.