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October 17, 2011

SEO - Make your Web Site indexed and Showed in Google Search Results

If you are searching for info on how to get your site or blog posts appear in Google search, then you've come to the right place. 

I'm gonna show you how, but before that you should have a blog or website with at-least one page/post in it.I believe you are quite new to website or blogging.

For guys like us who are looking for help, Google comes handy both in search as well as in giving us tools for our needs. What you should do is link your blog or website with Google's webmaster tools. This is a basic search engine optimization(SEO).

This is going to be your work place where you can analyse all kinds of data like number of views, page impressions, keyword density, links to your blog, site map etc., Once you login or register, you can add your site/ blog with webmaster tools. Google will give you some codes which you have to paste in your blog's html to verify that you are the owner of that blog/ website.

Once you've verified then you have to wait a little like 1 or 2 days for the data to be available in Google's webmaster tools. If you already have good traffic to your site then those data will be visible early, if you barely have viewers then you have to wait for those data.

SEO - Make Your Website Indexed in Google

For now our goal is to get indexed in Google search index. So once you've added and verified your blog you can choose your blog and start using the tools. First you have to looks for "Diagnostics" tool and expand it. There you can see "Fetch as Google bot" link and through which you can give the url of your post and see if Google bots can fetch it successfully or not.

Once fetched successfully you can submit for index. The limit is you can have 50 fetches per week and 10 url submission to index per month. You can directly submit url but the above numbers holds the same for a single account no matter how many sites or blogs you have.

You cannot see the results immediately and you have to wait a little to get indexed. To see what are all the pages/ posts indexed in Google search engine, try using this. "site:your website url" without quotes in search bar. If you don't see any results, then your site is yet to be indexed by Google. 

Also if you want your web site or blog to be showed at top of the search engine results page, then you should know and do some search engine optimization to you web site or blog. Stick around for some tips on SEO soon.