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December 15, 2012

Teenage Chat - A Problem for Parents?

Teenage girls chatting

The time has changed for teenagers to indulge in experiments like talking to an unseen/unknown girl/boy through, teenage chat rooms using internet. 

Why is it so popular? Because teenagers want to experiment and not all teenagers would go out and do stunts and be bold enough to talk to girls/boys. 

So internet teenage chat rooms gives them the window to vent their curiosity and experience the thrill of talking to someone you haven't seen before.

So one can ask "whats the problem with this, there is no danger in chatting to someone through internet". Well, not a directly threat but when this "teenage chat" goes out of control and more addictive, and then you have all the problems in the world being a parent.

If this become addictive, the teenager could show some signs like loss of interest in going out with friends/family and spending time together or decline in academic scores or secretive chatting so that the parents don't know whom they are chatting with.

How to deal with this teenage chat: 

teenage chat - a parenting problem?

we are not advising you to follow these options but they are merely opinions shared, so think well and be a good parent.

It all depends on teenager himself. As a parent you know your child and you have the options like talking to him/her about the fact that you know  he/she has been chatting around and too much of it is not good for the education as it can be a distraction. 

Share things you know about both good and bad stuffs on teenage chat rooms on internet and say you trust your child and be casual. Don't do this as a parent in an advising manner, nobody like preaching. But relate yourself with your teenage times and how you did something to be cool and stuffs like that. Make the conversation funny but remember you are just guiding your child. Not controlling.

When he/she seems to be responding to your conversation you had, praise him/her for understanding and being a responsible teenager, because seriously teenage is something unpredictable and full of curiousity. Celebrate this by going out fishing or a nice picnic.

How you dealt with this problem? Share your thoughts!