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January 27, 2013

Fifa 13 - Have a better Defensive Tactics

Fifa 13 - Have Better Defensive Tactics

"Winning is one thing, but winning by shutting the opponent completely is something!" - Isn't that a great comment. In this post we'll see how a simple change of defensive settings could change the score line for you.

I'm a big of Arsenal and with the Arsenal default tactics, I always end up conceding goals and just win a single goal margin or often loose the 2 goal lead to a sudden goals by opponent. I know its me and how I play, but still if we can tweet just a little to strengthen the defence, it'd make a huge impact.

So how to do it? 

Well, we have to concentrate on 3 things here.
  • Pressure
  • Aggression
  • Team Width


If you like playing with high pressure tactics, then good luck with that. But I believe in Deep Pressure, because I don't want my defenders loose formation. You can choose settings just below Medium Pressure.


Aggression - Double build up play
Here I want to be just a tad more aggressive the Press. So use "Double" so that you have 2 guys near to the ball could fetch the ball for you, almost 90% which is good considering you are using Deep Pressure. It's not a bad ploy. Again choose setting just enabling Double.

Team Width:

Team Width - Narrow build up play
Once again all these three settings are inter-related. So to better squeeze out the ball from your opponent use Narrow width settings, so that its becomes easy with Double aggression settings to take down your opponent. Your players will be always just near enough to the ball to make a tackle and get the ball.

So use Custom tactics to adjust the settings and see how you can defend your lead well. 

P.S: With this defensive tactic, use contain, and the rest will automatically fall in place. Avoid too much pressing.