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January 9, 2013

Google Plus - What does Ripples mean to you?

#Google Plus - Ripple SEO

If you are using Google+, you should probably know what ripple is.But I know that Google Plus is not yet as social as Facebook and with our little spare time, you may find it difficult to engage in both the social the social media.

So just in case if you are not aware of this "Ripple" in Google plus and looking to for some SEO insights, go ahead and read further.

For posts shared "Public" in Google plus, check the drop down button at the right top corner of the post. If you click, you can see how your post has rippled through by others sharing, commenting and up voting. This applies only for shares done Public.

Each circle represents public shares by that user and the size of circle represents the influence the user have. So bigger the circle more popular and influential the user is.

So getting a comment or up vote or public share from these influential users will get more attention from Google. So how to do it? You can just simply ask for once you get him to follow you after you do. This method of SEO is just to get your post reach many users and create a ripple.

But how about becoming an influential user and have a bigger circle? For that, there are many factors Google may take for consideration. Like the frequency of Google+ usage, frequency of posts shared, the number of direct shares/Comments/up votes from the posts you shared.

So instead of sharing only your web/blog posts all the time, share cool stuffs, unique content and humor posts, and get your posts shared by others and increase your ripple size. Once you become an influence user, you can have a better control over your blog posts and be shared by other users.

Having said that, since the ripple data is based only on Public shares, it doesn't reflect the true sense of total shares and user activity.

All these Ripple and Author rank stuffs are just another strategy by Google to get its social networking tool Google plus to get popular and promoted. But as a webmaster G+ is essential.