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April 8, 2014

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP April 2014

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP

Microsoft ends support and updates for Windows XP
End of Support for Windows XP
All Windows are closing for Windows XP :). Yup as of today, April 08 2014, you will no longer receive any updates for Windows XP, says Microsoft. So if you are one who is still using Windows XP then may be its time to move on and upgrade your OS, provided your current hardware is compatible.

There are several questions that needs to be answered.

If you ask why?

Well, this is a 12 year old OS and Microsoft had already released 3 versions of OS after that. So they have to plan and spend their resources for the new and its support. Its all commerce. Also there is no point on creating new versions of OS when the clients are still comfortable with the old one and not willing to migrate to the new OS. So they had to force the issue here. Mind you Windows XP is solid and more stable with its Service Pack 2 and 3 compared to Vista. No wonder why many users still holding on to XP.

If you ask what do i miss?

You will not get technical assistance, security updates, hardware driver updates, software updates , MS Office 2003 updates. 

To be more specific on software updates, there will be softwares that you'd have installed on your PC and since Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP, they will stop their updates to those software as well. So you better move on..

If you don't want to upgrade and so what?

Well you computer will still run fine with Windows XP and you can do all your usual activities except that your PC may be vulnerable to viruses and security risks. But if you have a better antivirus software then you can buy some time, provided you get updates for that as well. Or maybe its time to get use to the new OS, Windows 7 or 8.

So if you are wondering whether you PC is compatible for an upgrade and how to migrate and stuffs like that. Check out the below links from which I wrote this post ;)