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December 21, 2012

Learn to use the new Google Maps in iPhone

Go OUT! Read MAPs & Explore!!
Photo by: Clarita

Google's new Maps app has new features and updates for both iOS and Android users that was released a week ago. And if you think you already know all the features of Google Maps, just check out the google support pages shared below if you are missing anything.

As for newbies, please continue reading.

How to place a pin on the map: 

Google Maps - Pin a place

Just place your finger and hold where you want to pin anywhere on the map.

How to see more info on a selected location:

Google Maps - Info sheet
Swiping the info sheet to left or right or upwards could show other available information on a location if any. Tapping could also work.

How to view in street view:

Look around - Google Maps
Place a pin then tap the image in the info sheet. Use the look around feature(bottom left button) and see how the maps changes as you tilt and move your phone.

How to see in other views of a location:

Available Views - Google Maps

Use the three doted bar at the bottom right of a map to see other possible views for that location.

Want to send feedback or report a bug on a location? Shake your iPhone and report.

And for the new features like Preview steps in Navigation(beta), Work and Home, Saving a place and directions, see below.

Also check Google Maps Coordinate, which has a great potential to be a daily use app for every one.