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December 22, 2012

Follow Santa Through Google's Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker

With Dooms day gone by the wind it's Christmas time to celebrate with your family and friends. As always, Google with it's Santa Tracker, we can have much fun following Santa around the world with his busy day just a couple of days left.

I still remember the games that Google developers released for London Olympics. They were just awesome games full of fun and simple. We had a great time in our office playing during our free time. Especially the football, hurdle and kayak.

This time, we can play Jetpack, Present drop, Santa call and Racer with Santa and elfs. To be honest they are not that great compare to games of Olympic but still it's fun to play with friends and family to spend time.

JetPack - Santa Tracker

Since we still have a couple of days for Christmas, Santa, elfs and Reindeer are getting trained and ready for the ultimate day in Santa Tracker. Santa starts his journey at 2:00am PST of 24th Dec and you can see Santa live going around the globe and the events that follows.

Racer - Santa Tracker

So in the mean time what we can do is hand around in the Santa Tracker village and explore. You can call bus to pickup the waiting elfs in the street, checkout how the chocolate factory where the Candies are packed, checkout reindeer getting trained for proper flight in wind tunnel lab ( lol..), checkout Santa getting trained in classroom and elfs cafeteria and much more..

Santa Call - Santa Tracker

One cool thing about Santa call is that you can send a voice message to your friend/family with Santa wishing them and a gift as well. So lets checkout Santa Tracker!! Have fun and Happy Christmas! :)

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